Place Value Guided Math Unit – Hands-on and Digital Ready!

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Third grade place value is an important bridge between 2nd grade (working with 3 digit numbers) and 4th grade (working to the millions place)! TEKS and Common Core Standards vary significantly, so I approached this unit (part of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum) as a mix-and-match.

Each mini-unit is freestanding, so you can use the material most relevant to your class and your district’s best practices. 2nd and 4th grade place value skills are addressed with 3rd grade level numbers, and the lessons are well-supported and consistent.

3rd Grade Unit 2 Mini-Units

  • Mini-Unit 1: Understanding 4-Digit Numbers
  • Mini-Unit 2: Understanding 5-Digit Numbers
  • Mini-Unit 3: Comparing & Ordering
  • Mini-Unit 4: Rounding as Estimation

Mini-Unit 1: Understanding 4-Digit Numbers

Previous student work with 3-digit numbers is expanded to include 4-digit numbers in the first Place Value Mini-Unit. Lesson 1 involves counting and skip counting patterns, with an emphasis on correct number sequences across tens, hundreds, and thousands. Lesson 2 expands on 2.NBT.8 by having students manipulate digits in 4-digit numbers one place at a time. Lesson 2 places an emphasis on decomposing and composing units to find more and less across tens, hundreds, and thousands as well. Lesson 3 focuses on number forms, including standard form, word form, expanded form, and unit form with 4-digit numbers. Students will complete this mini-unit with a solid foundation in Place Value to use as they approach rounding and multi-digit operations.

Mini-Unit 2: Understanding 5-Digit Numbers

Mini-Unit 2 follows the same teaching sequence as Mini-Unit 1 but works with 5-digit numbers. While this mini-unit was created to meet the TEKs standards for 3rd grade place value, it is also valuable as enrichment materials for classes following the Common Core Standards, or even as beginning 4th grade place value instruction! Students will complete this mini-unit with a firm understanding of numbers and place value concepts up to the hundred thousands place.

Mini-Unit 3: Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Mini-Unit 3 once again works in a consistent, supported sequence starting with comparing 4-digit numbers. Students will learn an iron-clad problem-solving process to use when comparing 4-digit numbers, including evaluating the number of digits in both numbers being compared and moving through the digits comparing each place. Lesson 2 extends comparing skills to ordering 4-digit numbers to build on student counting and place value skills. Lessons 3 and 4 then build on the learning process by going through the same process with 5-digit numbers. All levels of instruction involve logical problem solving and higher-order conceptual thinking requiring high student engagement and articulating of their understanding.

Mini-Unit 4: Rounding as Estimation

Rounding is so hard for 3rd graders! It is often taught as a discrete skill without the context of estimation. Since estimation is the purpose behind rounding, this unit includes 4 lessons teaching students to round to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, and ten-thousand with up to 5-digit numbers. A heavy emphasis is placed on place value understanding and the relative accuracy of rounded numbers as estimates. Teachers using the Common Core Standards can meet standard 3.NBT.1 using lessons 1 and 2, while lessons 3 and 4 are designed to meet TEKs 3.2C. This material is also appropriate for introducing 4th graders to rounding to any place as specified in standard 4.NBT.3 of the Common Core Standards.

Digital Guided Math Activities Included!

Each component of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum comes in printable and digital versions to maximize you flexibility teaching these important concepts. YOU can choose which version of each lesson component should be used – and when – for your diverse learners.

Digital lessons teach the content for each graduated step needed to learn about counting and place value skills for 4 and 5-digit numbers.

Digital Math Mats and Task Cards with movable digital pieces allow students to manipulate blocks, digits, and number lines to develop a deep understanding of each place value concept.

Full-color Digital Practice Pages also use interactive movable digital pieces to allow students to demonstrate their learning in a more independent way.

Digital Math Practice Pages

Each lesson includes a Digital Exit Ticket to give you a snapshot of student learning. Exit tickets are such an important formative assessment for your planning process as a teacher.

Digital Math Exit Tickets for Place Value Guided Math Unit

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