Why you should be using Google Forms in your classroom

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Learn why you should be using Google Forms during your math workshop block. Google Forms Quizzes are self-checking assessments that will save you time during math test prep.Math workshop. It sounds like an awesome idea, but how will you make it work?

  • What will students be doing while you’re teaching a small group?
  • How will you find the time to grade those independent practice sheets?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you will want to read on. 🙂

What are Google Forms?

If you have a Gmail or Google Drive account, you already have access to Google Forms.

Google Forms have been used to collect data during surveys, but did you know they can be used to create quizzes?

Use Google Forms during Math Workshop. Self-Grading Math Assessments using Google Forms Quizzes. Use Google Classroom for Elementary School

How to Create a Quiz

Below is a quick video that shows how you can create a quiz using Google Forms.


Students answer the questions, click submit, and that’s it! The quizzes will be graded for you! How cool is that?!

All the data is collected and organized for you. You can view a class summary, individual responses, and even create a spreadsheet of the results.


These math quizzes are 100% online. No printing. No laminating. No cutting.

You can easily assign these quizzes as..

  • Morning Work
  • Computer Center Activities
  • Homework
  • Assessments

Computer Center

Add these assignments to your computer center. They work on iPads and laptops. Students will be engaged while you work with your small groups. You will also be confident knowing that students are completing meaningful practice that is clearly connected to the topics you are learning.

Take a look at a couple of third grade quizzes below.

How to Group Your Students

Are you wondering if you should create 3 groups? 4 groups? Maybe you have a large class size and think math workshop just won’t work for you. Click here to learn about different ways you can organize your math workshop block. You will find free printales to get you started.

View the Resources for Grades 2-5

I have created Google Forms Quizzes for grades 2-5. There are 3 quizzes per standard, and they are editable! You are able to add/delete/edit questions as need. 🙂

Click here to view the resources for grades 2-5.

3rd-5th grade paperless math assessments

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