3rd Grade Science Unit 3: Matter

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3rd Grade Science Proprettes of Matter Interactive Notebook - Science Lessons

Unit 3 includes 8 days of science lesson plans!

  • Day 1: Matter
  • Day 2: Mass and Volume
  • Day 3: Temperature
  • Day 4: States of Matter
  • Day 5: Matter Changes
  • Day 6: Lab Activity
  • Day 7: Review with Passage and Crossword Puzzles
  • Day 8: Unit Assessment

Each daily lesson and its resources are color coded making it easy to know what to use each day. 

Day 1: Matter

3rd Grade Science Matter Activities - interactive science notebook - science stations

What’s the matter? After this lesson, students will understand that matter is everywhere around them. Engage your students in fun discussions  on how to describe matter by its physical properties and to better observe the objects that surround them. 

Day 2: Mass and Volume

Some properties of matter need to be measured. Guide students to the idea that all matter has mass and takes up space. Test their measuring skills to see how they measure up.

Day 3: Temperature

Can you take the heat? In this lesson students will learn that temperature is another measurable property of matter that uses two different scales.

Day 4: Temperature

Solid, liquid, and gas. What makes them different? Students will understand the differences and how to differentiate matter around them.

Day 5: Changes in Matter

Everything changes including matter. Explore these changes and what causes them. Students will understand the relationship between the states of matter and temperature.

3rd Grade Science Matter Interactive Notebook Activities - Cut and paste science sorts

Day 6: Lab Activity

Ice Cream In A Bag! Get hands on and investigate what it takes to turn a liquid to a solid while making a tasty treat at the same time.

Day 7: Review with Passage and Crossword Puzzle

Use this simple passage to put all of the ideas of each lesson together to review what you have learned. Practice vocabulary skills with a fun crossword puzzle. This is a great way to put it all together.  

Day 8: Unit Assessment

Give your students a chance to show what they know and have learned over the past seven days. 

Science Reading Comprehension Passage with Questions - Science Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles

Sample Plan for Day 1

1- Give each student a copy of the interactive notebook page for day one. Have them glue it in their science notebook. Use this page to introduce what matter is. You will only use the top portion to introduce the lesson.

2- Use the slides to walk through and introduce the properties of matter slide by slide. Speaker notes at the bottom will help if you need ideas to spark class conversation. 

3- Practice these new ideas about properties of matter with Sort 1. Pair students or put them in small groups. Give examples of how to discuss each card and how to place it in the proper category. Have students sort first, then glue. They may decide along the way they want to change an answer. 

4- End your lesson with the bottom portion of the interactive notebook page. Have students independently complete the activity for an “exit ticket.” This will give you an idea how to progress your students.

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3rd grade science Units - Science Interactive Notebook activities - science sorts - science reference sheets, vocabulary practice

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Math Tech Connections

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