Division Concepts and Inverse Operations Mini-Unit – Digital Activities Included!

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Studying division and inverse operations is where 3rd grade math really starts to get exciting! This mini-unit (part of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Unit 1) provides students with 4 lessons that will guide them through basic division concepts and division’s relationship to multiplication. Each lesson is scaffolded with guided interactive lessons, hands-on practice with task cards and manipulatives (real or digital), independent practice, and exit tickets to help you plan your next steps. Read more about the 3rd Grade Math Curriculum here!

Mini-Unit 3 includes:

  • PowerPoint Lessons: Bright, engaging digital lessons introduce and model each concept, including interactive questions and error analysis tasks to check understanding.
  • Math Mat & Task Cards: Task cards guide students through hands-on activities designed to reinforce the concepts introduced in the lessons.
  • 2 Practice Pages: Perfect for in-class practice or homework, these activities provide plenty of support, but ask students to start demonstrating their understanding more independently.
  • Exit Tickets provide a brief snapshot of student understanding for you at the end of each math block.

3rd Grade Unit 1: Mini-Unit 3 Lessons

  • 3.1 Dividing into equal groups
  • 3.2 Repeated subtraction & number lines
  • 3.3 Inverse operations & fact families
  • 3.4 Dividing with Remainders

Editable Math Lessons

Interactive Digital Math Maths

Two versions of my hands-on Math Mats are provided for maximum flexibility! Students can work through task cards independently or in small groups, physically dividing manipulatives to build that crucial understanding of division. With the digital version, student can work anywhere and still experience manipulating digital pictures that will support their emerging understanding of division.

Lesson 1: Dividing into Equal Groups

Lesson 1 relates dividing to building equal groups. Dividends are partitioned into groups with a certain number, or a certain number of groups. Thinking about division this way helps develop a flexible understanding of the whole-part-part relationship.

Lesson 2: Repeated Subtraction & Number Lines

Repeated subtraction is more abstract than equal groups and rows or columns in arrays. Using number lines to jump back by equal amounts is a powerful visual that makes the concept more accessible. This is also a valuable tie-in to jumping forward on a number line to multiply, and sets the stage for inverse operations.

Lesson 3: Inverse Operations & Fact Families

Students need to have a solid conceptual understanding of multiplication and division as a foundation for building skills. Once that is accomplished, though, they will learn that the operations are deeply interrelated. Being able to manipulate equations to find the unknown in any place becomes second nature because students understand the relationship between factors, products, dividends, divisors, and quotients. The goal is for students to be able to fluently use whatever two parts of an equation they are given to find the unknown efficiently.

Lesson 4: Division with Remainders

Remainders are a delightful fact of life when dividing. The concept needs to be taught explicitly using developmentally appropriate materials and practiced over time. This lesson briefly explores remainders in the context of basic facts, setting the stage for students to transition successfully to 4th grade division when the time comes.

Included: Digital Practice Pages & Exit Tickets

Students will enjoy these full-color components of the Guided Math Curriculum with the flexibility to be done independently in the classroom, done virtually during distance learning, or done as homework assignments. Practice pages and exit tickets ask students to demonstrate their learning and communicate whether or not they are solid in their understanding of each important multiplication and division concept.

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Teaching Division to third graders. Hands-on activities to teach division using math manipultaives. Guided Math mini-lesson and task cards for teaching division in 3rd grade. Print and digital activities included.

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Math Tech Connections

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