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3 Activities per Topic

3rd Grade Math Centers - Matching Cards FREE download

Matching Cards

    Math Sort

      3rd Grade Math Centers - Matching Cards FREE download

      Clip Cards

        ✓ The math activity sets are aligned to the CCSS. This means you know students are practicing the skills you are required to teach. The learning goal is posted on each math game.

        ✓ There is a predictable routine. Each math topic has 3 math activities. (Math Sort, Matching Game, Clip Cards) The game structure is the same, so you won’t waste time teaching new games each week.

        1 Page Recording Sheet

        Each activity set comes with a 1 page tri-fold recording sheet.

        • all 3 activities on one page!
        • includes answers key
        • keeps students accountable & organized!
        • lists learning goal

        Students can self-check using the included answer key.

        Print and Digital Math Games for Math Stations 3rd Grade FREE download

        Digital Option Included!

        All math activities come in digital format. The matching cards are in Google Slides. The clip cards and math sort are in Google Forms. 

        1. Matching Cards

        • Interactive Google Slides

        2. Clip Cards (shown in video)

        • Includes 2 versions
        • Version 1 is for practice and will prompt students to ‘go back and try again’ if they select the wrong answer
        • Version 2 is in regular quiz format
        3. Math Sort
        • Auto-grading Google From quiz

        What if I don’t use Google Classroom?

        You can download the Google Slides (matching cards) as a PowerPoint. 

        Edit the settings of the Google Forms so email log-in isn’t required. Now you can share the link using any online platform. 

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        What Teachers are Saying

        "Great resource for practicing skills with distance learning. Students are able to self-check. I don't use Google classroom (our district uses Microsoft) and have been able to use everything. Thank you for another great resource!"

        Catherine S.

        "I have actually used this for both in-person and distance learning. They have worked great for trying to see if the students are understanding what we have been learning and for extra practice. They also make it easier, because there is one less thing for me to grade! Thank you for these!"

        Gretchen L.

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