Easy To Use Digital Math Activities For Winter And Christmas (FREE Download)

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Whether you are in complete distance learning, teaching in person, using a hybrid, or all of the above, this year has been anything but easy. Even with the challenges we’ve faced as educators this year, we still see the amazing things our students are capable of achieving. We are proud of the resourcefulness and resilience our students have demonstrated. Perhaps, like me, you’re wondering how to make these few weeks before Winter Break special, knowing it won’t be the same as the holiday magic you’ve made with your students in the past.

While there’s no real comparison to being together with students huddled up on Pajama Day reading a story on the rug or singing and swaying together in music class, you can still bring some holiday fun to your digital or in person classroom this winter. Digital Math Activities combine the skills you know your students need to practice with the fun students crave!

Student Experience

From the moment your students are presented with a Digital Math Coloring Activity, they get excited. It’s not another worksheet. Coloring is involved. There is mystery and excitement! Here’s what students will encounter once they open their new Google Form activity:

  • A prompt to enter their names.
  • A color-by-number image and one math question below.
  • Students will choose an answer with one of two outcomes.
    • If answered correctly, the student will see part of the picture colored in.
    • If answered incorrectly, the student will be prompted to go back and try again.
  • Students will progress through a series of questions until the picture is fully colored.
  • At the end, students are asked to rate their level of understanding for the skill they practiced.

Advantages of Digital Math Activities

Along with higher student engagement, there are so many wonderful benefits of using digital math coloring with your students.

  • Practice fact fluency
  • Develop a newly taught skill
  • Instant feedback for students
  • Use for spiral review
  • Easy to plan and prep – no copying required!
  • Use with small groups, independent work, or as a class reward

Getting Started

As a busy teacher, this is my favorite part. These activities are so easy to use with students whether you’re using Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Seesaw, or anything else. Follow these quick steps:

  1. Find an activity your students will love: Digital Coloring Activities
  2. Add the File to your Google Drive.
  3. Click on “Send” in the top right corner of the form.
  4. Copy the link to share with students on any learning platform*!

*When using outside of Google Classroom, make sure you edit the settings so email log-in isn’t required.

Download 2 FREE Digital Coloring Activities!

Here are a couple of great activities you can download now and use with your class right away.

Simply fill out the form and the download webpage link will be sent your inbox!

Digital Math Activities for Winter and Christmas. Review Division and Long Division with these digital math coloring activities using Google Forms

Math Tech Connections

Math Tech Connections

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