Telling Time Anchor Chart & Free Activity

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Telling Time Anchor Chart and Free ActivityAre you finding that your third graders aren’t ready for elapsed time word problems? If you are seeing this problem in your classroom, it’s time to take a step back and make sure your students understand basic telling time.

You can gather students who are struggling with basic telling time and complete this interactive activity together.

Create the Anchor Chart

I tried my best at drawing a clock, but how about I save you some time :). A blank clock template is included is this free download!

With students….

  • Number the hours (1-12)
  • Discuss the one minute marks (see free download)
  • Discuss counting by fives & numbering the clock (see picture above)
  • Discuss and draw the Minute & Hour hands
  • Leave some space for students to place the sticky notes

The Sticky Note Activity

The free download includes a sticky note template for you to use. It’s best if you print 4 of these pages on card stock, so you can reuse the template for future free activities I will be making :).

Telling Time Anchor Chart and Free Activity

You should always run one test before you try and print all of the cards. In my printer, I had to place the sticky notes face down and away from the printer…trial and error ;).

Telling Time Anchor Chart and Free Activity

Now that your sticky notes are printed, you are ready to make this a fun, interactive anchor chart activity!

Interactive Anchor Chart Activity

Telling Time Anchor Chart and Free Activity

Use during small groups….

  • Gather students struggling with telling time
  • After discussing the clock (see notes above), place sticky notes around the room or on the wall/table near the anchor chart
  • Have students find the matching cards
  • Select students to place their matching cards on the anchor chart
  • Discuss

Cut/Paste Telling Time Math Sort

The following math sort is part of this Math Sorts Bundle for third grade.

List of ways to use math sorts:

  • Math centers
  • Independent activities
  • Morning Work
  • Math Warm-ups
  • Homework
  • Assessments

Download the Resources

  • Simply fill out the form below to receive the free printables. After you confirm your subscription, the resources will be sent to your inbox!
  • Already a subscriber? Visit the resource library

What’s the next step?

Now that students are comfortable telling time, they are ready to move on to elapsed time activities! Click here to read the next blog post.

Math Tech Connections

Math Tech Connections

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