3rd Grade Science Unit 2: Earth, Sun, and Stars

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3rd Grade Science Unit Earth, Sun, Stars - Science Sorts and Interactive Notebook Activities, Science reading passage, exit tickets, and assessment

3rd Grade – Earth, Sun, and Stars Lessons

Unit 2 includes 7 days of science lesson plans!

  • Day 1: Stars
  • Day 2: Our Sun
  • Day 3: Radiant Energy
  • Day 4: Gravity
  • Day 5: Lab Activity
  • Day 6: Review with Passage and Crossword Puzzle
  • Day 7: Unit Assessment

Each daily lesson and its resources are color coded making it easy to know what to use each day. 

Day 1: Stars

3rd Grade Interactive Science Notebook - Earth, Sun, and Stars Unit with 7 days of lessons - Editable Science PowerPoint Lessons

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. After this lesson, students will have all the answers to that question! Engage your students in fun discussions about stars and what makes them appear the way they do from Earth. Your students will certainly want to turn their heads to the night sky after this.

Day 2: Our Sun

Guide students to turn their star knowledge into sun knowledge. Students will learn what type of star our sun is and how to describe it. Where are all the other stars? Help students understand the relationship between what we see during the day versus what we see at night.

Day 3: Radiant Energy

Students will understand why the sun is essential for Earth and the survival of living things. Explore the energy needed for life. Students will feel the heat and see the light with this lesson.

Radiant Energy Interactive Science Notebook Activities - 3rd Grade Science Unit with editable PowerPoint Lessons

Day 4: Gravity

What goes up, must come down! Put meaning to this old saying by exploring gravity. Students will understand how gravity is a force that keeps us grounded, but can be opposed with a more powerful force.

3rd Grade Science Interactive Notebook, Science notes and science cut and paste sorts

Day 6: Lab Activity

Ball drop! Get hands-on and put the Scientific Method to work with gravity. Select three different balls and see which one will hit the ground first.

Day 7: Review with Passage and Crossword Puzzle

Students will put together all of the vocabulary and skills acquired from this unit. Read the passage and answer the following questions. Vocabulary words are reviewed in a crossword puzzle.

Day 8: Unit Assessment

Give your students a chance to show what they know and have learned over the past seven days. 

3rd Grade Science Reading Passage with Questions - Science Vocabulary Cross Word Puzzles

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3rd grade science Units - Science Interactive Notebook activities - science sorts - science reference sheets, vocabulary practice

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Math Tech Connections

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