Math Activities to Be Thankful For | 3rd Grade Fall & Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons with so much to be thankful for. I love the crisp crunching sounds of walking through fallen leaves. The chilly air on a sunny day while walking my dog. Cozy blankets and hot cocoa on a dark, cold, wet, rainy day. Listening to the rain fall against the roof while reading a good book (blissfully ignoring the pile of papers that need to be graded nearby). Fall is the beginning of the holiday season that brings joy to my children’s faces and my family close for good food and silly memories.

If you’re in need of even more to be thankful for, you’re in the right place! November is full of fun, engaging math resources to share with your students all month long.

Let’s take a closer look at what November’s bundle includes.

  • Subtraction Calendar
  • Scrambled Digit Addition
  • Thanksgiving Squares – Multiplication
  • Fraction Riddle
  • Fraction Feast Game
  • What’s for Dinner?
  • Line Plot Thanksgiving Quilt Dodecahedron
  • Coded Shapes

Subtraction Calendar

3rd grade math - November Math Activities - subtraction fluency daily practice

Do your students get overwhelmed with so many problems all at once? Try out one subtraction problem a day! On the cover, students can color in an image for each day they complete a subtraction problem. Either have students label the calendar with numbers, or leave it blank.

This is perfect for a morning warm-up or check in, and it can take as little as 2 minutes, or you can turn it into a whole lesson having students share their strategies for solving the subtraction problems.

Scrambled Digit Addition

3rd grade math - November Math Activities - addition missing digits

November is a great time to remind students the importance of being grateful and kind to one another, though this activity can be used all year long!

First, students cut out the number tiles 0-9, then place them into the incomplete addition problems to make each equation true.

Thanksgiving Squares

3rd grade math - November Math Activities - multiplication puzzle

This puzzle matches multiplication expressions with their answers. Blanks on the edges help students get the puzzle started, then they need to look for matches to make sure each piece is in its correct place.  Make sure students complete and check the entire puzzle before glueing the pieces down. There are a few duplicate answers that might trick them!

Fraction Riddle

3rd grade math - November Math Activities - fractions on a number line riddle

Fractions on a number line are a big part of 3rd grade, so practicing throughout the year is helpful for students to learn mastery.

After students label each fraction, they will use the letters to solve a fun riddle.

Fraction Feast Game

3rd grade math - November Math Activities - equivalent fractions riddle

It’s time to eat! First, you must collect each of the different foods in order to win this game of equivalent fractions. Students can place their game markers anywhere on the board and move in any direction. On their turn, they must first choose their direction, then roll the die and move that many spaces. They find and record the equivalent fraction and take the matching food card. 

The record sheets are a great way to hold students accountable while playing this independent game. 

*Time-saving tip: Instead of printing and cutting the food cards, students can use colored counters to show which of the foods they have collected on the board.

What’s for Dinner?

3rd grade math - November Math Activities - elapsed time cut and paste interactive activity

Students work with elapsed time in this sorting activity. Perfect for centers, morning work, homework, or early finishers, this menu building math activity is print and go ready for you and your students. 

If you want to do a little more work up front, you can print in color on cardstock and keep this for students to use and reuse in centers. Or, print quickly in black and white and let students color it in themselves.

Line Plot Thanksgiving Quilt Dodecahedron

Math practice or holiday classroom decorations? Both! First, students answer questions about line plots, then use their answers to color in Thanksgiving-themed quilts. There are 12 circles to cut out and glue together to make beautiful decorative dodecahedrons for your classroom.

Hang them up for display or line up on a high shelf for students to enjoy!

3rd Grade Math Project - Bulletin Board Display November Dodecahedron Art

Coded Shapes

A secret code to decipher a riddle is hidden among the polygons and their properties. This activity pairs well with a discussion or lesson on numeric prefixes.

This quick activity is great for a morning warm-up, added to an early finishers packet, or left for a substitute.

I hope you enjoy these activities with your students. If you want even more to be thankful for, be sure to check out the entire year bundle for your third graders.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Purchase the November Bundle

Available for grades 3-5.


  • Skills practice aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Monthly themed games, puzzles, riddles, coloring, and more!
  • 2 levels for differentiation
  • BW & Color
  • Answer Keys

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Math Tech Connections

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