Easy Organization for October + More Monthly Math | 4th Grade

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Let’s get organized!!

Whether organization comes naturally to you, it’s something your work hard to achieve, or just something you wish you could be good at, here’s a little something to make it fun and easy for you as you collect a new bundle of math activities each month.

I love labels. Taking a little extra time to label and organize makes finding and putting things away so much quicker. If you’re a hesitant or inexperienced organizer, or maybe you just have other things to get to, I recommend using plastic catch-all type folders that can easily be tossed into a tub, and they look great too.

Plus, you can download and print the labels for free. They’re designed for 2″ x 4″ sticky labels that can be printed on one page. If you don’t have labels, just print on regular paper, cut and use packing tape to label your folders.

Math Centers Organization Ideas

Masters, Answer Keys, and reusable pieces for centers can all be tossed into these folders for a quick clean-up to keep your classroom tidy until you use them again next year.

What if you want a bit more organization? Perhaps like the food on your plate, you don’t want answer keys touching masters or reusable center items. That’s okay too. Read the 3rd and 5th grade October blogs for more organizational tips and ideas. 

Now that you’ve got a few ideas and some free printables to help you organize, it’s time to start planning for October’s activities.

Let’s take a closer look at what October’s bundle includes.

  • Fall Math Facts
  • Hidden Pumpkin Problems
  • Corn maze Multiplication & Division
  • Trick-or-Treat Rounding
  • Spooky Shape Sorting
  • Candy Craze Comparison Game
  • Dia de los Muertos – Color by Number
  • Halloween Logic Puzzle

Fall Math Facts

October Math Centers Multiplication and Division Worksheets

With 6 levels for this activity instead of 2, your students can become math fact masters! From finding products, to filling in a multiplication chart, to matching there’s enough variety to keep students engaged for it all. Make packets for independent practice, morning work, or save for a sub day.

  • x 1-5
  • x 6-9
  • x 1-12
  • ÷ 1-5
  • ÷ 6-9
  • ÷ mixed

Hidden Pumpkin Problems

October Math CentersOctober Math Centers

Word problems made fun with solve then search.

This activity is great to teach how to solve word problems and practice writing full equations with units such as seeds, pumpkins, and pies.

First, students read, write an equation, and solve 8 basic multiplication and division word problems. Then, they find the equations hidden in a number search below.

Corn Maze Multiplication & Division

October Math Centers: Multiplication and Division Maze

In 4th grade, students needs to know their multiplication and division facts forwards and backwards, fast as snap.

This activity helps students practice facts as they make their way through a corn maze finding multiplication or division equations. Next, they record all 20 equations to the side of the maze.

Pro tip for struggling students: Use a multiplication chart for both multiplication AND division! For division, search the grid for the dividend, then find the factors of that product.

Trick-or-Treat Rounding

October Math Activities: Rounding Numbers Sort

Rounding and estimating are crucial and useful like skills. Help your students develop them in an engaging way.

In this activity, students cut, match, and glue rounded estimates to problems including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Spooky Shape Sorting

October Math Activities: Classify Shapes Sort

A quick review (or preview) of parallel and perpendicular lines is all your students need to be successful with this activity.

For my students parallel and perpendicular can be confusing, so practicing throughout the year is helpful. Be sure to point out the parallel lines in the word “parallel” too. 

Candy Craze Comparisons

October Math Activities: Comparing Numbers 4th Grade

This game is great for centers, whole class, or small groups and is played with two or more players. 

Each player needs a place value mat with 7 spaces easily assembled with glue or tape. Players take turn drawing cards with the digits 1-9 trying to make the highest number possible. (You can print and cut or use regular playing cards).

Students love this game due to its combination of luck and skill. Each time you pick a card, you have to place it on your mat, knowing once it’s down, it cannot move. After all mats are filled, numbers are recorded and compared. If you’re playing with more than 2 players, students can order them from least to greatest. Make sure students practice reading their numbers aloud too.

In the higher level of this game, students make 2 numbers, add, then compare the sums.

Dia de los Muertos Color by Number

Dia de los Muertos Math Activity: Equivalent FractionsDia de los Muertos begins November 1, but here it is in October so you can decorate your class prior to the holiday.

This activity doubles as student practice and classroom decorations. For the main activity, students shade and label equivalent fractions. Those answers are used for a Color by Number Skull that can be cut out and displayed in the classroom.

Bonus Alert!! There’s an additional bonus activity to make papel picado (pierced paper) artwork to hang up in your room too. You can print on white paper and have students compare fractions to one half and one whole, then color, and cut. You can also print on brightly colored paper, compare fractions, cut, and display.

Halloween Logic Puzzle

Halloween Logic Puzzle - 4th Grade Math Activities for October

Best for last?

I LOVE logic puzzles. The harder and more complicated, the better. However, if your students are new to logic puzzles, this is a great place to start.

Halloween trickers have taken over the numbers in these logic puzzles. Students use clues to figure out which characters are parading as which digits. In the lower level, there are only 5 digits to figure out, and more than enough clues to solve the entire puzzle. The higher level has 9 digits in disguise and will take a bit more mental energy to solve.

Happy Halloween!

Stay tuned for more monthly activities…

Each month, we’ll be introducing a new set of activities specially designed with your 4th grade students in mind!

Sign up for a friendly email reminder and you won’t miss out as each Monthly Activity Bundle is released. Plus, receive a free coloring page download as an autumn gift for you and your students!

Purchase the October Bundle

Available for grades 3-5.

  • Skills practice aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Monthly themed games, puzzles, riddles, coloring, and more!
  • 2 levels for differentiation
  • BW & Color
  • Answer Keys

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