Simple Solutions for Back to School Success | 4th Grade

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Preparing for a new school year is like drinking too much coffee. There’s a buzz of excitement, anticipation, energy, focus, and even some jitters. There is so much possibility and potential for the year. It’s exciting to organize, prepare, and plan for the first days.

In fourth grade, I like to start out with building classroom community. We learn how to treat one another, be a great friend, have intelligent classroom discussions, listen actively to one another, and build a positive classroom culture.

Here’s a set of activities specifically designed to help build community and classroom routines with math resources. Activities are Common Core aligned and begin by reviewing third grade skills.

Each resource has two different levels practicing the same skill. Look for • and •• to quickly differentiate for your diverse learners.

Print in color and create a reusable center with a sheet protector or create handouts with black and white versions.

Establish routines and build a positive community of learners as students play games, solve puzzles, and create artwork with interesting, colorful, just-right challenges to engage students of all levels.

Come take a peek with me at what August’s bundle of activities has to offer you and your students.

  • Addition Riddle
  • Subtraction Missing Digits
  • Division Two Truths & a Lie
  • Multiplication Game
  • Multiples Banners
  • Rounding to the Nearest 10 & 100
  • Multiplying Multiples of 10
  • Division Game

Addition to 1000 Riddle

4th Grade Back to School Math Activities - Addition Riddle August Math Centers

What student doesn’t love a worksheet that’s already halfway done? In this fun activity, the subtraction problems are already complete, except some of them are wrong. Students will solve 12 addition problems to determine which subtraction equations have been done correctly, then unscramble letters to solve a fun Back-to-School riddle.

The lower and higher level look the same and solve the same riddle, but look for • and •• following the title. If you’re training your students how to rotate through math centers, you have two leveled sets of the same activity to differentiate for your students!

Missing Digit Subtraction

4th Grade Back to School Math Activities - Missing Digit Subtraction August Math Centers

This is one of my favorite activities because it isn’t just plain old subtraction. The subtraction problems are already there, but some of the numbers are missing. Students cut out number tiles 0-9 and place them on their sheet to make all the subtraction equations true.

This is great if you’re introducing how to work with a partner, share materials, and practice using math talk to explain your reasoning for placing a tile in a certain location.

For the lower level, each number can be placed independently, but for the higher level, students will need more critical thinking and use an elimination strategy to solve some of the problems which seem to have multiple solutions at first.

The color versions can be laminated or put in a sheet protector to make a reusable center, or have students cut and paste, then color the black and white version.

Two Truths and a Lie – Division

two truths and a lie math activity 4th grade

If you’re not familiar with it, Two Truths and a Lie is a fun community building game to help students get to know one another. One person shares 3 facts about himself, but only 2 are true and the other is made up. Then, other students try to guess the lie.

Students love this game, and will ask to play all year. Once they get the hang of it, this division activity will be perfect.

Each group of 3 mermaids have told two division truths and one lie. Students can work in teams to spot the lies or individually and compare their reasoning together.

Multiplication Game – Lemonade War

4th Grade Back to School Math Activities - Multiplication Game August Math Centers

Connect Four is a classic kids game trying to get four in a row to win. In this game, students are in charge of a lemonade stand trying to connect 4 lemons in order to make lemonade. Students roll two dice and multiply the numbers together.

In the more challenging version, they add two dice, then multiply by the third roll. They find the product and circle or color it in. Students love the strategy involved and can play multiple times on the same board placed in a protective sheet with whiteboard markers.

Students will have fun, practice multiplication facts, and even build the teamwork skills you’ve just introduced that will be part of your regular routines this year.

Win! Win! Win! (Even if they lose the game!)

Multiples – Banner Coloring Activity

4th Grade Back to School Math Activities - Back to School Banner Coloring Activity Open House Decoration

Do you love decorating your room with student artwork that’s also educational? With this activity, math, character traits, and artwork combine for a triple threat activity!

First students practice finding multiples and color independently, with a partner, or in small groups.

Then, they’ll cut out the letters and rearrange them to spell out a character trait. (Can you tell which character trait is pictured above?)

Next, students create a banner ready to be displayed in your room. There are 6 character traits in all: stamina, respect, kindness, honesty, patience, and courage.

With a total of 44 letters to color, you can divide them among your students in so many ways, or have each student create his/her own banner to display or take home.

After the banners are complete, students complete an exit ticket explaining their character trait, how they will use it in class this year, and what they’ve learned about finding multiples of numbers.

Rounding to the Nearest 10 & 100

4th Grade Back to School Math Activities - Rounding to the Nearest 10 and 100 August Math Centers

Review rounding with this quick, simple worksheet. First, students round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. Then, students find their way through a maze by looking for sets of numbers that have been correctly rounded to the nearest 10 or 100.

This worksheet is a quick, simple go-to for a math warm-up, your early finishers, a homework sheet, or that awkward 10-15 minutes between recess and music.

If you have more time, practice math talk routines by having students reflect on why some numbers are the same when rounded to the nearest 10 and 100, while others are different. 

Multiplying by Multiples of 10

4th Grade Back to School Math Activities - Multiples of 10 August Math Centers

Students complete the sequence of skip counting by multiples of 10. Then, they solve multiplication problems by filling in the missing factor or product. 

This is great for practicing independent work or can be paired with another activity to make a center as you teach moving through math rotations.

Again, there are two levels and answer sheets to help you grade, or for students to take responsibility and correct their own work, saving you time and giving them timely feedback. 

Division Game – Bookworm Battle

4th Grade Back to School Math Activities - Subtraction Game August Math Centers

Another Connect Four style game. Students solve division problems, find the quotient, then color or circle books. Four in a row wins!

Instead of two levels, there are 11 different game boards! Each focuses on a single division fact 2-12, so you can easily have your students work on what they need.

Print the black and white to play with a partner or send a packet of games home to play with family/friends for homework. Print in color to make reusable sets for your math centers, game rotations, or early finishers.

Stay tuned for more monthly activities…

Each month, we’ll be introducing a new set of themed activities that progress through essential math skills for 4th graders.

Sign up for a friendly email reminder and you won’t miss out as each Monthly Activity Bundle is released. Plus, receive a free surprise download as a welcome back to school gift for you and your students!

Purchase the August Bundle

Available for grades 3-5.


  • Skills practice aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Monthly themed games, puzzles, riddles, coloring, and more!
  • 2 levels for differentiation
  • BW & Color
  • Answer Keys
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