Accountable Math Talk Poster & Bookmark (Free Download)

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Accountable Talk during Math Sorts - Use this free printable book mark or create a math talk bulletin board to encourage students to explain their thinking as they complete math sorts. Download a free sample of math sorting activities. Math Sorts are engaging, standards-aligned math activities that get students talking about math. You can learn all about Math Sorts by visiting this blog post.

Math sorts are no-prep activities.

These math sorting activities can be completed independently, but it’s important to give students time to explain how they sorted their cards.

This can be a quick ‘share with with your partner’ time or a full class discussion.

In this blog post I’ll share with you a list of questions you can ask before, during, and after each math sorting activity.

Before the Math Sort

1. What do you know about the topic?

For example, the headers in this math sort are square units and square feet. When would you use square units? What’s the difference between a square unit and square foot? Take the time to review important vocabulary words related to the topic such as area in this example.

During the Math Sort

2. Ask individual students to explain their thinking.

Use the following questions to help students put their thinking into words.

  • What do you notice about the cards?
  • How are these cards similar/different?
  • Why did you sort these cards under this category?
  • How do you know?
  • Do you see a pattern?
  • Do you agree/disagree? Why?
  • Could you sort these cards a different way?

After the Math Sort

3. Extend the activity by having students create their own cards.

Having students create their own cards is an excellent early finisher activity. Have students create at least one card per category and one card that does not belong.

Download the List

Download, print, laminate, and display this poster to help you and your students stay focused during math sorting activities. You can also print the bookmark version and place at a math sort center for students to reference.

Math Talk during Math Sorting Activities - Post of Math Questions to get students to explain their thinking. Download FREE samples of math sorts

Try 5 FREE Math Sorts

Click on the images below to download 5 free math sorts.

Free 2nd Grade Math Sorting Activities for Math Workshop

Free 3rd Grade Math Sorting Activities for Math Workshop
Free 4th Grade Math Sorting Activities for Math Workshop
Free 5th Grade Math Sorting Activities for Math Workshop

What Teacher’s are Saying

I found this product very thorough. It provided several opportunities for the students to consolidate their learning. The sorts could be set up as a station for numeracy however I found then invaluable in creating rich discussions between the students on their reasoning and processes.

Marina S.  (3rd grade math sorts)

I had been looking for a way to engage my students after they complete the problem set. This is a great way for them continue practicing the concepts in a different way.

Shabana A. (4th grade math sorts)

These sorts are a great way for me to see if my students have mastered the concept we are working on. I love that they can be done independently or with partners, and that they foster mathematical conversation. Thank you for a great product!

Monika M. (5th grade math sorts)

What’s next?

Don’t forget to download the accountable math talk printables! You can read more about math sorts by visiting this blog post.

Math Tech Connections

Math Tech Connections

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