Why You Should Use Digital Math Centers

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Save time with digital math centers. Use interactive digital slides during math workshop block. They make the perfect technology center. These math centers cover all math standards.I know exactly how you feel. You have a million things to do, and you can’t imagine adding one more thing to your to-do list. You tell yourself that one day you’ll make time to learn all about these digital resources. Just not today.

That was me … for about 2 years. 

What changed? There was one month of school left, and I realized that I had let the unknown stop me from learning something new. I told myself that it was ridiculous to keep putting this off for so long.

How hard could it be to get Google Classroom started? I’d never know if I didn’t get started.

So, I did 🙂

and it was simple! This was me…

digital math centers saves you time. get started with math workshop. add interactive math slides to you technology math center

Let me share with you all the wonderful things that come along with having digital math centers. If you are ready to get started, click here to go directly to a video tutorial.


Let’s look at the pros for the teachers:

  1. You don’t have to print hundreds of pages. This means you save paper and ink.
  2. You don’t have to laminate anything! I know laminating is fun, but it gets old after the 20th page 😉
  3. You don’t have to buy storage bins or bags. I love organizing. Buying storage bins can be lots of fun, but it can also get expensive.
  4. You don’t have to rearrange your classroomagain. If you have a portable, like I did, you know the struggle.
  5. You don’t have to stay after school to change out the math centers & go make copies of the recording sheets.
  6. You don’t have to hunt down that missing piece from the matching game, because you surely don’t want to print/laminate/cut one piece of paper.

You have to admit, knowing that your technology math center is done feels good.


Students love learning something new – especially if it’s on the computer. Make it an interactive activity, and you will find that they are enjoying comparing decimals and adding fractions. 🙂

Students simply log-in to Google Classroom, complete their assignment, and submit the assignment to the teacher.

That’s it.

Students will no longer waste time…

  • setting up/ cleaning up math centers
  • looking for their recording sheet that they think is stuffed inside their desk
  • redoing their math center, because they lost their recording sheet

You can have students self-check their slides before they submit them to you. 🙂 This will save you both time.


I know not everyone has access to Google Classroom, so I have included a PowerPoint version of each activity with each resource. Below is a look at a free PowerPoint resource for you to use with your students.

This will work great if you have that SmartBoard you’ve been wanting to use. Make this a math center or a whole group review activity before an assessment.

Click here to download the FREE place value resources!

Digital Math Resources for Grades 3-5

Digital Math Resources for 3rd Grade Google Classroom Digital Math Resources for 3rd Grade Google Classroom Digital Math Resources for 3rd Grade Google Classroom

Mrs. Santillana

Mrs. Santillana

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