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FREE summer addition facts coloring pages - free addition coloring pages for summer practice

Summer Addition Facts Coloring Pages

Enter your name & email and the free math coloring sheets (+2 – +9) will be sent to your inbox! Use the B&W version for some coloring fun or insert the color version inside sheet protectors and reuse to help improve addition fact fluency.

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Addition and Subtraction 3rd grade math unit. Editable mini-lessons and guided math mats. This third grade math unit includes practice pages, exit tickets, and quizzes.

Addition and Subtraction Guided Math Unit – Hands-on and Digital Ready!

Sometimes when I read the teacher-facing pages included with most packaged curriculum, I think, “Why do they just provide this information to teachers?” My goal with Unit 3 of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum was to provide students with direct, specific instruction that puts them in charge of their own learning. They receive instruction

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3rd Grade Guided Math Unit - Digital and Print Math lessons

Place Value Guided Math Unit – Hands-on and Digital Ready!

Third grade place value is an important bridge between 2nd grade (working with 3 digit numbers) and 4th grade (working to the millions place)! TEKS and Common Core Standards vary significantly, so I approached this unit (part of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum) as a mix-and-match. Each mini-unit is freestanding, so you can use

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3rd grade free rounding small group activity

Rounding Small Group Lesson (FREE Printable)

My daughter came home with a rounding worksheet… she struggled with it. Creating number lines did not help, because she wasn’t sure how to plot the numbers. So, I created these number charts to give her some extra help. We practiced for about 10 minutes, and she responded well to the activity. She said the

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Addition & Subtraction Practice Activities for Google Classroom, Google Forms, Digital Jigsaw Puzzles for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade basic facts practice

Addition & Subtraction Practice with Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

Make Addition & Subtraction practice fun with Digital Jigsaw Puzzles! These digital math activities were creating using Google Forms. They cover levels from 1st to 5th grade, so you can easily meet the needs of your students! How Do They Work? Think of this as a Digital Mystery Picture activity. Students answer the multiple choice questions. If

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3rd Grade Place Value with Mystery Picture Activities

Place Value Print Out Review  A great way to learn and review place value is through the use of mystery pictures.  If you’re in the classroom and need something for those fast finishers or to put in your centers, a Mystery Picture Print Out for place value is a great place to go! All you

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