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Teaching Division to third graders. Hands-on activities to teach division using math manipultaives. Guided Math mini-lesson and task cards for teaching division in 3rd grade. Print and digital activities included.

Division Concepts and Inverse Operations Mini-Unit – Digital Activities Included!

Studying division and inverse operations is where 3rd grade math really starts to get exciting! This mini-unit provides students with 4 lessons that will guide them through basic division concepts and division’s relationship to multiplication. Each lesson is scaffolded with guided interactive lessons, hands-on practice with task cards and manipulatives (real or digital), independent practice,

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Multiplication Facts Mini-Unit – Digital Ready!

This mini-unit has 6 lessons to help students transition from basic multiplication concepts to fact fluency. Each lesson provides multiple opportunities for students to investigate number patterns, practice skip counting, and work with times tables. Lesson 1: Multiplying 2s, 5s, & 10s The first lesson builds on work done in 2nd grade skip counting by

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teaching multiplication concepts using repeated addition and equal groups - third grade how to introduce multiplication with fun, hands-on math activities using manipulatives and task cards

Multiplication Concepts – Hands-On Math Activities – Digital Ready!

I’m so excited to share the first mini-unit of my full-year 3rd Grade Guided Math Lessons! The Multiplication Concepts Mini-unit will help you guide your students virtually or in person to solid conceptual understanding of multiplication and its relationship to addition. Multiple representations of multiplication, each concentrated in direct, scaffolded lessons, will get your students

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teaching third grade guided math with fun, hands-on math activities using manipulatives and task cards

About the 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum

Welcome to the 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum! This has been a labor of love to create. I had several goals to meet with this curriculum. Make it comprehensive but logical  Some of the educational standards can be confusing. Each standard doesn’t make sense as its own discrete lesson. This curriculum strives to combine standards

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Digital Math Activities to Practice Multiplication Facts for third, fourth, and fifth graders. Use Google Forms Digital Coloring Pages for Fact Fluency Practice

Digital Math Coloring Activities for Google Forms

Putting Multiplication Memorization on Your List  Multiplication practice doesn’t have to be intimidating! Use these fun Digital Color by Code activities to help students master their multiplication facts. They are available as Google Forms which means they are paperless and self-grading! Benefit 1: Math Comes Easier  Math builds on itself, which is why things like

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