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FREE summer multiplication facts coloring pages - free multiplication coloring pages for summer practice

Summer Multiplication Facts Coloring Pages

Enter your name & email and the free math coloring sheets (x2 – x9) will be sent to your inbox! Use the B&W version for some coloring fun or insert the color version inside sheet protectors and reuse to help improve multiplication fact fluency.

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3rd Grade Multiplication Facts Math Mats, Task Cards, Small group activities

Multiplication Facts Mini-Unit – Digital Ready!

This mini-unit is part of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Unit 1 and has 6 lessons to help students transition from basic multiplication concepts to fact fluency. Each lesson provides multiple opportunities for students to investigate number patterns, practice skip counting, and work with times tables. Read more about the 3rd Grade Math Curriculum here!

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Teaching Division to third graders. Hands-on activities to teach division using math manipultaives. Guided Math mini-lesson and task cards for teaching division in 3rd grade. Print and digital activities included.

Multiplication Concepts – Hands-On Math Activities – Digital Ready!

I’m so excited to share the first mini-unit of my full-year 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum! This mini-unit is part of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Unit 1 and will help you guide your students virtually or in person to solid conceptual understanding of multiplication and its relationship to addition. Multiple representations of multiplication, each

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teaching third grade guided math with fun, hands-on math activities using manipulatives and task cards

About the 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum

Welcome to the 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum! This has been a labor of love to create. I had several goals to meet with this curriculum. 3rd Grade Guided Math Units Unit 1: Multiplication & Division – Read More: Mini-Unit 1, Mini-Unit 2, Mini-Unit 3 Unit 2: Place Value – Read More About Unit 2

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