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Digital Math Activities to Practice Multiplication Facts for third, fourth, and fifth graders. Use Google Forms Digital Coloring Pages for Fact Fluency Practice

Digital Math Coloring Activities for Google Forms

Putting Multiplication Memorization on Your List  Multiplication practice doesn’t have to be intimidating! Use these fun Digital Color by Code activities to help students master their multiplication facts. They are available as Google Forms which means they are paperless and self-grading! Benefit 1: Math Comes Easier  Math builds on itself, which is why things like

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Free digital interactive activity where students build arrays to practice the distributive property of multiplication

Building Arrays – Free Digital Math Slides

*This page contains an affiliate link. Third grade students begin learning about multiplication by building simple arrays. Students then begin to break apart large arrays into smaller arrays. This helps with understanding the distributive property of multiplication. Hands-On Math Activity The following picture shows how you can use ten-frames (affiliate link) to build arrays. Notice

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Division Strategies 4th and 5th grade - Division FREE printable activity

Division Strategies for Upper Elementary Students

Last week I helped you introduce division to your third graders. Click here to view that blog post. Today, Let’s look at division strategies for your fourth or fifth graders. 1. Use Manipulatives! You may be tempted to skip this step, but it’s crucial for students to start at the concrete stage in order to

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Division Strategies for Third Grade - Printable activities to introduce division

Division Strategies: Introducing Division to Third Graders

In this blog post I will share with you division strategies, example activities, and a free printable that you can use with your third grade students. Start with word problems! Why? It is very important to introduce division using word problems. This is a great opportunity for students to visualize what is happening and to

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