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Division Strategies 4th and 5th grade - Division FREE printable activity

Division Strategies for Upper Elementary Students

Last week I helped you introduce division to your third graders. Click here to view that blog post. Today, Let’s look at division strategies for your fourth or fifth graders. 1. Use Manipulatives! You may be tempted to skip this step, but it’s crucial for students to start at the concrete stage in order to

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Division Strategies for Third Grade - Printable activities to introduce division

Division Strategies: Introducing Division to Third Graders

In this blog post I will share with you division strategies, example activities, and a free printable that you can use with your third grade students. Start with word problems! Why? It is very important to introduce division using word problems. This is a great opportunity for students to visualize what is happening and to

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Multiplication Dominoes Games - Free Printable to Practice Math Facts and subitizing

Multiplication Dominoes Game – Free Printable

Students are introduced to multiplication in third grade. Everything is very hands-on and visuals are used to represent these math facts. They may include the following: equal groups repeated addition sentences number lines for skip counting arrays But what happens when students have a difficult time with simple skip counting? You may notice that these

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prime and composite numbers activities - free printable for interactive notebook.

Prime & Composite Numbers Printables (Free Download)

I shared on my instagram account the following activities I created to review prime and composite numbers with my daughter.  We glued the multiples bookmark along with the prime and composite numbers chart inside her interactive notebook.      If your students need extra help, the following sheets can be place inside sheet protectors and

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Distributive Property of Multiplication Free Resource

4 Activities to Review the Distributive Property of Multiplication

When we first introduce students to multiplication we use hands-on activities.  Students practice… creating arrays with square tiles creating equal groups with counters writing repeated addition sentences drawing number lines and skip-counting But what happens when students are asked to solve 7 x 7, 8 x 9, or 12 x 6? Sure. They could use

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Download 5 free Multiplication Practice Games, Free Multiplication printables for math centers, Fact Fluency math games

7 activities to practice multiplication

The resources in this blog post are a perfect fit for the third grade classroom. You may use them as early finishers or math centers for students to practice their fact fluency. Fill out the form located at the bottom of this post to receive the free printables! 1. Multiplication – Dot Math I made

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