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3rd Grade Guided Math Unit - Digital and Print Math lessons

Place Value Guided Math Unit – Hands-on and Digital Ready!

Third grade place value is an important bridge between 2nd grade (working with 3 digit numbers) and 4th grade (working to the millions place)! TEKS and Common Core Standards vary significantly, so I approached this unit as a mix-and-match. Each mini-unit is freestanding, so you can use the material most relevant to your class and

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Fractions Guided Math Unit – Hands-on and Digital Ready!

As hard as fractions are for 3rd graders, it is my FAVORITE topic to teach! I pulled out all the stops with this comprehensive unit for teaching fractions and included all of the material I wished I had as a new teacher. This unit opens with a study of unit fractions, the building blocks of

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How to make the most of math assessments - induces a free math workshop reflection exit ticket

How Make the Most of Math Assessments

As teachers, we all know that assessments matter. It’s important to check student understanding and provide meaningful feedback. After an assessment every teacher faces the same challenge…now what? Do I reteach the students who haven’t mastered the concepts, or move on so others don’t get bored and I can cover everything? How do I make

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Word Problems Strategies | Help students be successful with word problems

Word Problems Made Simple

Challenge accepted! While many teachers and students alike may get that pit-in-the-stomach feeling when they hear “word problems” in math class, I do not. I get excited and hope for a fun challenge. The best part? You and your students can love word problems too.   Why Word Problems? If used correctly, word problems are not

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Multiplication Facts Mini-Unit – Digital Ready!

This mini-unit has 6 lessons to help students transition from basic multiplication concepts to fact fluency. Each lesson provides multiple opportunities for students to investigate number patterns, practice skip counting, and work with times tables. Lesson 1: Multiplying 2s, 5s, & 10s The first lesson builds on work done in 2nd grade skip counting by

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Guided Math Workshop Binder – FREE Download

Grades 3-5 Guided Math Binder Why a Math Binder? GET & STAY ORGANIZED Keep track of your thoughts, ideas, groups, student notes, and lessons. PLAN MATH GROUPS Planning ahead will help your math block run smoothly. TRACK STUDENT DATA Be prepared for Report Card time with organized student data. I’ve put together a free guided

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