How to make the most of math assessments - induces a free math workshop reflection exit ticket

How Make the Most of Math Assessments

As teachers, we all know that assessments matter. It’s important to check student understanding and provide meaningful feedback. After an assessment every teacher faces the same challenge…now what? Do I reteach the students who haven’t mastered the concepts, or move on so others don’t get bored and I can cover everything? How do I make

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Word Problems Strategies | Help students be successful with word problems

Word Problems Made Simple

Challenge accepted! While many teachers and students alike may get that pit-in-the-stomach feeling when they hear “word problems” in math class, I do not. I get excited and hope for a fun challenge. The best part? You and your students can love word problems too.   Why Word Problems? If used correctly, word problems are not

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Multiplication Facts Mini-Unit – Digital Ready!

This mini-unit is part of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Unit 1 and has 6 lessons to help students transition from basic multiplication concepts to fact fluency. Each lesson provides multiple opportunities for students to investigate number patterns, practice skip counting, and work with times tables. Read more about the 3rd Grade Math Curriculum here!

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How to Use Interactive Slides in Your Math Block

So, you finally figured out how to schedule your 60 minute math block, you’ve created (and organized) a Guided Math Binder, you’ve grouped your students, you’ve planned your mini-lesson, but you still have 4 centers to plan? Don’t get overwhelmed! You’ve made it this far. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look

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Learn how to use Pixel Art in the upper elementary math classroom. Download 2 free pixel art activities for use with Google Sheets.

How to Use Pixel Art in Your Math Block

What’s better than math? Creating art while doing math, of course! The color by number math art we did as students in school has now been upgraded to the digital age. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you’re going to love these! What is Pixel Art? Think of Pixel Art as an automatic, online

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teaching multiplication concepts using repeated addition and equal groups - third grade how to introduce multiplication with fun, hands-on math activities using manipulatives and task cards

Multiplication Concepts – Hands-On Math Activities – Digital Ready!

I’m so excited to share the first mini-unit of my full-year 3rd Grade Guided Math Curriculum! This mini-unit is part of the 3rd Grade Guided Math Unit 1 and will help you guide your students virtually or in person to solid conceptual understanding of multiplication and its relationship to addition. Multiple representations of multiplication, each

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