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FREE Print and Digital 3rd Grade Math Activities for Math Centers | Math Games

3rd Grade Math Task Cards Sample

FREE 3rd Grade Print + Digital Task Cards 3 Activities per Topic Matching Cards Math Sort Clip Cards ✓ The math activity sets are aligned to the CCSS. This means you know students are practicing the skills you are required to teach. The learning goal is posted on each math game. ✓ There is a predictable routine. Each

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Fractions in Fourth: How to Teach Adding and Subtracting

Fourth grade really focuses on cementing the idea that fractions are parts of a whole that can be added together or broken apart. Students work solely with like denominators to add, subtract, model, write equations, and justify their thinking. Students should be able to do this with mixed numbers and fractions and be able to

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Tips for teaching how to add and subtract fractions using pattern blocks, number lines, and egg cartons.

Tips for Teaching How to Add and Subtract Fractions

As we continue our journey through teaching fractions, it’s time to add and subtract.  Again, modeling is key to helping students understand and explain the process of adding and subtracting fractions.  The table below shows the expectations for adding and subtracting fractions in 4th and 5th grade. 4th Grade: Understand adding and subtracting fractions as

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Comparing Fractions in 4th Grade (FREE Download)

More fractions! In 4th grade, students are building upon what they’re learned last year, so if your students are struggling, check out the Comparing Fractions in 3rd Grade post. In 4th grade, continue to model fractions to compare them.  Here we’ll look at how to do this with Egg Cartons and Geoboards.  Students then move

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Use pattern blocks to compare fractions in third grade. Example ways to compare fractions using math manipulatives

Comparing Fractions in 3rd Grade

In the last post, I gave an overview of using math tools to model fractions for comparisons. Here we’ll dive deeper into examples and how to support third graders as they develop their understanding of fractions through comparisons. Comparing Fractions With the Same Denominator Start out with different fractions that have the same denominator.  Since

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Use math manipulatives to compare fractions in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Free math printable and ideas to compare fractions

Math Models to Compare Fractions – FREE Download

Time for fractions! Whether you get a jolt of excitement or a sense of fear upon hearing those words, you’ve come to the right place. In this series on Comparing Fractions, we’ll take a look at how students are introduced to the concept in 3rd grade through mastery in 4th grade. Best of all, this

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free equivalent fractions printable for use with geoboards. Use egg cartons to teach equivalent fractions to third, fourth, and fifth grade students

Equivalent Fractions in 4th Grade – FREE Download

In the last blog post, I gave an overview of equivalent fractions across the grades. Here I will share some tips for teaching equivalent fractions to 4th graders. If your students need a review, check out 3rd Grade Equivalent Fractions for more ideas! Fourth graders are developing their understanding of fraction equivalency. Lots of modeling,

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Using pattern blocks to teach equivalent fractions in 3rd grade - ways to use math manipulative when introducing fractions during small group instruction. guided math activities

Equivalent Fractions in 3rd Grade

In a previous post, I shared an overview of equivalent fractions across the grades. Here are a few specifics for teaching equivalent fractions with 3rd graders. Third graders are becoming more comfortable partitioning shapes into equal shares. Now, students need to be able to look at two different fractions with the same whole and tell

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ways to compare fractions using benchmark numbers - free printable for comparing fractions third grade

Ways to Compare Fractions – FREE Printable

I will admit, I disliked teaching fractions. It was a topic that students struggled to understand, and I found myself frustrated as I followed the book. I made it my goal to not feel that way again. I searched online and found an amazing resource that every teacher needs to read! This book literally changed how I taught fractions. I no

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