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How to organize and plan test prep math centers for third grade, fourth grade, or fifth grade students. Math Test-Prep Stations for Math Workshop will help students prepare for end of the year state testing

How to Plan Test Prep Math Centers

It’s around this time of year that things start to get a little stressful. You feel like you have so much to go over and so little time. It won’t do anyone any good to just pick random worksheets to review each day before the big test. That’s not the best way to use your

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Learn why you should be using Google Forms during your math workshop block. Google Forms Quizzes are self-checking assessments that will save you time during math test prep.

Why you should be using Google Forms in your classroom

Math workshop. It sounds like an awesome idea, but how will you make it work? What will students be doing while you’re teaching a small group? How will you find the time to grade those independent practice sheets? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you will want to read on. 🙂 What are Google Forms? If

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Fractions Equivalent to Whole Numbers Interactive Math Lesson Free Fractions Activity to Review Writing Fractions as Whole Numbers Includes Free Math Interactive Activity Printable

Fractions Equivalent to Whole Numbers

Are your students struggling with fractions equivalent to whole numbers? If so, this hands-on math activity will help your students see how an improper fraction can be equivalent to a whole number. A free printable is included for you to use with your guided math groups. The Importance of Drawing Area Models It’s important for students

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Measuring Volume Free Math Activity Introduce Measuring Volume with this interactive activity. Students create rectangular prime and fill them up centimeter cubes. Free printable and examples

Measuring Volume Interactive Activities

Before moving on to measuring volume, take a few minutes to review what it means to measure area. When we measure area, we are measuring the surface space inside the boundary of a two-dimensional (flat) shape. We measure area using square units. When we measure volume, we measure the amount of space a three-dimensional (solid) shape

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Introduce Adding Fractions with this FREE Whole Group Lesson. Fractions math workshop lesson. Free fractions activities

Word Problems to Introduce Adding Fractions

Let’s talk about adding fractions. You could give students problems such as 1/2 + 1/2 and 3/4 + 1/4 to solve. Most will get the correct answers, but introducing adding fractions using word problems is powerful. It gives students an opportunity to strengthen their understanding of fractions. The focus of these word problems is for

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Introducing Equivalent Fractions using Equal Sharing Problems

In this blog post I will share with you 3 word problems you can use with your students when introducing fraction equivalence. Put away those manipulatives for this lesson. Students will only need their pencil and paper 🙂 Practice Problem #1: Whole-Group Instruction These word problems are perfect as a whole group introduction to equivalent

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Elapsed Time Anchor Chart and Free Activities for your Third Grade Math Classroom

Elapsed Time Anchor Chart and Free Activities

Are you ready to introduce elapsed time to your students? If you feel they may need to review basic telling time, you can find a free activity here. Elapsed time can be tricky, so it’s best to use visuals when introducing this concept. Two common visuals are number lines and t-charts. Number Line Model It’s

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Telling Time Anchor Chart and Free Activity

Telling Time Anchor Chart & Free Activity

Are you finding that your third graders aren’t ready for elapsed time word problems? If you are seeing this problem in your classroom, it’s time to take a step back and make sure your students understand basic telling time. You can gather students who are struggling with basic telling time and complete this interactive activity together.

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Distributive Property of Multiplication Free Resource

4 Activities to Review the Distributive Property of Multiplication

When we first introduce students to multiplication we use hands-on activities.  Students practice… creating arrays with square tiles creating equal groups with counters writing repeated addition sentences drawing number lines and skip-counting But what happens when students are asked to solve 7 x 7, 8 x 9, or 12 x 6? Sure. They could use

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