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4th Grade Guided Math Curriculum Print and Digital Math Lessons

About the 4th Grade Guided Math Curriculum

This new resource grew out of my need to pivot when most of the country suddenly shut down a year and a half ago. The move to distance learning exposed many of the weaknesses in our use of technology in education, and we all had to learn so much, so fast! I really had a

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Amazing Autumn Activities to Elevate Your Math Block | 5th Grade

September’s Monthly Activities are all about getting students excited about math and engaging all regardless of their skill level. Whether you’re a new teacher or a veteran, love teaching math or fear it, it’s time to get excited, build bonds with your students, and share positives memories during your math block.  By fifth grade, there

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3rd grade math FUN September activities for third graders

Simple September Activities to Support and Challenge | 3rd Grade

In the beginning of year, getting to know everyone is super exciting, students are well-behaved, and eager to learn. This “honeymoon phase” does wear off and then the real work begins. The sooner you get to know your students, the sooner you will be able to start planning with their needs in mind. Many 3rd

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Third Grade Measurement Unit with Mini-lessons, guided math activities, practice pages, exit ticket, and math assessments

Measurement Math Lessons and Activities – Hands-on and Digital Ready!

The topic of measurement in 3rd grade is an opportunity for such great, hands-on, real-world learning! Students move from an understanding of measuring length in metric and linear units in 2nd grade to telling and measuring intervals of time, measuring perimeter and area, and measuring weight and volume. This robust unit (part of the 3rd

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back to school 5th grade august math activities for the first week fo school - review 5th grade math activities for fifth graders - fifth grade back to school math activities

Amazing August Activities to Engage and Motivate | 5th Grade

Ease in to 5th grade with hands-on math activities to motivate and excite your students. Start the year with a Growth Mindset as you help students set goals, tackle challenges head-on, and embrace the struggle that comes with learning new skills. These activities are perfect for incoming fifth graders. Throughout your math block, discuss what

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back to school 4th grade august math activities for the first week fo school - review 3rd grade math activities for fourth graders - fourth grade back to school math activities

Simple Solutions for Back to School Success | 4th Grade

Preparing for a new school year is like drinking too much coffee. There’s a buzz of excitement, anticipation, energy, focus, and even some jitters. There is so much possibility and potential for the year. It’s exciting to organize, prepare, and plan for the first days. In fourth grade, I like to start out with building

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back to school 3rd grade august math activities for the first week fo school - review 2nd grade math activities for third graders - third grade back to school math activities

Breeze Back to School with an August Bundle Bonanza | 3rd Grade

Here’s a bundle of back-to-school activities to help you start your year teaching 3rd grade. For the first few weeks, I always focus on routines and expectations. This helps set the rhythm for the year. While students practice the procedures of moving through math centers, I need something that’s engaging, but not too challenging. My

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