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How to teach equivalent fraction using math manipulatives - 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade fractions activities. free equivalent fractions printable

How to Teach Equivalent Fractions With Math Manipulatives

What Students Need to Know As teachers, we all know our students don’t come to us with the exact same prior knowledge. More likely than not you have a student who isn’t quite sure what a fraction is, someone who can multiply and divide fractions mentally, and everything in between. While making sure to cover

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3rd grade free rounding small group activity

Rounding Small Group Lesson (FREE Printable)

My daughter came home with a rounding worksheet… she struggled with it. Creating number lines did not help, because she wasn’t sure how to plot the numbers. So, I created these number charts to give her some extra help. We practiced for about 10 minutes, and she responded well to the activity. She said the

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ways to use google forms in the elementary classroom

More Than Quizzes – Using Google Forms in the Classroom

Chances are that even if you haven’t created a Google Form yourself, you’ve probably filled out more than a few by now. Most commonly used for quizzes and surveys, Google Forms are a popular way to collect and track data. Google Forms takes data from those quizzes and surveys and transfers it to a spreadsheet,

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Google Slides Tutorials for Teachers

5 Easy Ways to Use Google Slides for Beginners

Creating Google Slides for your classroom can feel intimidating and time consuming. Seeing all those cute ideas on Pinterest can make you feel like you’ll never have time to make anything look that good. Don’t worry! There are some super simple ways to get started. 1. DIRECT INSTRUCTION – Presentation This is the standard use

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8 Zoom Features to Enhance Online Learning You Can Use Now - Using zoom in the elementary classroom - distance learning

8 Zoom Features to Enhance Online Learning You Can Use Now

Teaching students confined to small boxes on a screen is no easy task. There are plenty of features hidden away in a long list of settings that can help make online learning more effective. 1. Waiting Room This is a must use feature for every teacher. The waiting room is useful for so many purposes.

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