Multiplication and Division 4th Grade Guided Math – Hands-on and Digital Ready!

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Unit 1 of the 4th grade Guided Math Curriculum is an epic journey through all of the multiplication & division skills for 4th grade. These skills are often “distributed” across the entire 4th grade year, and multiplication & division are often treated as separate skills. I found that by covering most of the skills sequentially, the growing concepts build on each other in a logical and developmentally appropriate way. You will have ample opportunity to spiral review throughout the year, but also all of the other units, including place value and fractions, will be build on this foundation of multiplication and division understanding with whole numbers and the inverse relationship of these important operations.

4th Grade Unit 1 Mini-Units

  • Mini-Unit 1: Multiplication & Division Review
  • Mini-Unit 2: Comparing with Multiplication & Division
  • Mini-Unit 3: Factors, Multiples, Prime, & Composite Numbers
  • Mini-Unit 4: Intro to Division with Remainders
  • Mini-Unit 5: Multiplying & Dividing with Hundreds
  • Mini-Unit 6: Multiplying & Dividing with Thousands
  • Mini-Unit 7: Multiplying 2 Digits x 2 Digits

Mini-Unit 1: Multiplication & Division Review

Anyone who has taught 4th grade has been on the receiving end of blank stares at the beginning of the year. The students would have you believe they have no idea what you are talking about! Let me assure you, they spend the majority of 3rd grade learning multiplication and division. This Mini-Unit contains 4 lessons reviewing basic multiplication strategies, facts, fact families, word problems, and the basic patterns & properties in multiplication & division to get your class warmed back up for the year.

Mini-Unit 2: Comparing with Multiplication & Division

A major 4th grade focus closely related to place value understanding, comparative relationships are explored over 3 lessons that incorporate 2 x 1 digit multiplication & dividing 2 digit numbers. Multiplication is the perfect way to introduce comparative language in a more accessible way than jumping straight to big numbers in a place value chart, plus your students will have prior knowledge of this important concept when you get to place value.

Mini-Unit 3: Factors, Multiples, Prime, & Composite Numbers

Call me a nerd, but I love these basic but crucial number concepts! Experience exploring factors, multiples, prime, & composite numbers is central to a deep understanding of divisibility. Besides the vocabulary that allows one to discuss numbers & multiplicative relationships, breaking numbers down and building them back up is fun! This Mini-Unit consists of 3 lessons focusing on factors & divisibility, factors & multiples, and prime & composite numbers. Warning, this content may bring out the math nerd in your whole class!

Mini-Unit 4: Intro to Division with Remainders

Following closely behind basic divisibility properties and prime number is beginning-level work with remainders. While students may have touched on remainders briefly in 3rd grade, 4th graders are expected to be able understand the division process and the meaning of each component of division on a deep level. This 2 lesson Mini-Unit focuses solely on the process to divide with remainders, checking work with multiplication and addition, and the 4 main types of interpreted remainder. Students are given a structure for their thinking about division word problems to support their mastery of the concepts.

Mini-Unit 5: Multiplying & Dividing with Hundreds

Mini-Unit 5 starts an exploration of multiplying and dividing larger numbers in a structured and consistent way. Multiplication & division are related to place value concepts, distribution, estimation strategies, and computation strategies. The standard algorithm is reviewed for multiplication and introduced for division. 5 comprehensive lessons will guide your students through this logical next step to working with 2 digit numbers, including dividing with remainders and word problems.

Mini-Unit 6: Multiplying & Dividing with Thousands

It just makes sense to me to continue multiplication & division instruction into the thousands, because learning can use the already provided foundation of working with 2 and 3 digit numbers. This Mini-Unit has 3 lessons covering multiplication, division, and word problems involving numbers in the thousands.

Minit-Unit 7: Multiplying 2 Digits X 2 Digits

And while we’re at it… Often explored nearer to the end of the year, multiplying two 2 digit numbers is not a completely separate skill. Student have already learned the concepts they need to develop computation at this level. With products in the same magnitude range as hundreds x 1 digit, students use a consistent template of estimation, conceptualization, and computation used in previous mini-units. 3 Lessons start with multiplying 2 digit numbers by multiples of ten, move to using distribution with 4 parts, and finally practice using the standard algorithm to cut down on time and space needed to accomplish 2 x 2 digit products.

Digital Guided Math Activities Included!

Each component of the 4th Grade Guided Math Curriculum comes in printable and digital versions to maximize you flexibility teaching these important concepts. YOU can choose which version of each lesson component should be used – and when – for your diverse learners.

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