About the 4th Grade Guided Math Curriculum

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4th Grade Guided Math Curriculum Print and Digital Math Lessons

This new resource grew out of my need to pivot when most of the country suddenly shut down a year and a half ago. The move to distance learning exposed many of the weaknesses in our use of technology in education, and we all had to learn so much, so fast! I really had a lightbulb moment where I realized we can have deeply meaningful content AND digital resources in the same curriculum! I have been working on this Guided Math Curriculum ever since.

4th Grade Guided Math Units

  • Unit 1: Multiplication & Division – Read More About Unit 1
  • Unit 2: Numbers & Place Value – Read More About Unit 2
  • Unit 3: Addition & Subtraction
  • Unit 4: Fractions
  • Unit 5: Measurement
  • Unit 6: Graphing
  • Unit 7: Geometry
  • Unit 8: Money & Financial Literacy

This 4th Grade Guided Math Curriculum has been a labor of love to create. I had several goals to meet with this curriculum.

Make it comprehensive but logical 

Some of the educational standards in Common Core don’t flow smoothly from grade to grade, leaving gaps in learning resources based solely on those standards. This curriculum strives to combine standards with skills to make a smooth flow for learning.

Make it rigorous

The Common Core Standards don’t always provide enough detailed information about the important components that go into mastering a standard. This curriculum teaches grade-level concepts deeply in order to provide a bridge between 3rd and 5th grade math.

Make it engaging

With full color interactive lessons, fun hands-on activities, and relevant independent practice, students will truly be involved in the agency of their own learning. Consistent, predictable routines save time and make transitions smoother because students are familiar with the expectations and know what to do next.

Support workshop-style math instruction

Math workshop can be so much work! But it is a valuable structure in the classroom that supports various learning styles and ability levels. This curriculum provides 5 major components of a workshop model: Lessons, hands-on activities, independent practice, exit tickets, and assessments. Teachers only have to provide a few common ingredients and it is ready to go! 

Be relevant for virtual, in-person, and hybrid teaching models

Education has changed drastically in the last two years! This curriculum can be used in any combination of ways to meet the needs of all of your students, whether they are at home or at school.

Align to most major standards 

State standards for learning can be quite different from each other. My goal is to have Guided Math Tech Curriculum align with the Common Core Standards (CCS) and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) so you are assured to hit all of the essential 4th grade skills wherever you are.

This comprehensive Guided Math Tech Curriculum is organized into 8 major units spanning the 4th grade year. Each unit is composed of smaller mini-units that build on each other in a logical, developmentally appropriate way. It is truly designed to take your incoming 4th graders and develop their mathematical thinking and skills so that they are prepared for 5th grade. Along the way, they will enjoy math presented in a fun, empowering way and hopefully come to consider themselves capable mathematicians who have the tools to solve any problem that comes their way.

Happy teaching!

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Math Tech Connections

Math Tech Connections

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