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There are so many wonderful products out there, but printing a set of every product for each student means using LOTS and LOTS of paper and ink. Yesterday I played with the idea of turning one of my math products into a laminated book. Today, I’m going to share with you how I turned my math tri-folds into a reusable math book.

I decided to buy 3 different colorful papers. My math tri-folds are made up of 3 books for each math standard, so each book or tri-fold is a different color. It was a little bit tricky printing this out, but I basically alternated the printer paper (2 green, 2 orange, 2 yellow).

After printing, I laminated the pages, cut the pages, hole punched, and spiral bound the pages. That was A LOT of work! But, now I have a set of math books that can be used again and again! The set that I made is of my own daughter who is entering first grade. I plan to ‘play school’ with her and her cousin this summer 🙂 Plus – during the school she can grab any book and work on it while we are in the car.

Ways to use 1 set of math books in the classroom

  1. One-on-One conferences – remediation or enrichment
  2. Early Finishers
  3. Homework – This is perfect for homework since you can assign the exact skill students need practice on
  4. Math Centers

Create Your Own

Use these free samples to create your own math books.


Resources Used

Below are links to products that I used to create my math books.  They are amazon affiliate links.

Create math book for use during one on one math conferences, math centers, or homework

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